August 18, 2017Solar Eclipse in Playa Vista

Solar Eclipse in Playa Vista

Embrace tomorrow’s solar eclipse safely by using our guide to best prepare for this natural wonder. For the first time since 1979, there will be a total solar eclipse visible in the continental [...]
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August 15, 2017Seabluff Flats Construction Update

Seabluff Flats Construction Update

The construction at Seabluff Flats has been moving along steadily. On August 21st and August 28th, there will be significant concrete pours. Residents can expect to hear engine and equipment noise [...]
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August 10, 2017“New Generation of Smart Home Construction” – ABC7

“New Generation of Smart Home Construction” – ABC7

There’s buzz about The Collection, and ABC7 is touting Playa Vista’s newest neighborhood as the “next generation of smart home construction” thanks to the Connected Home technology that’s [...]
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July 28, 2017Your Ride Is Here

Your Ride Is Here

Get out and about the easy way. The free Playa Vista Daily and Beach Shuttles let you ride in comfort. You can head down to the beach, over to The Campus and all over Playa Vista without having to [...]
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July 28, 2017Shop in Season

Shop in Season

Make your way to Runway for the freshest finds at the Playa Vista Farmers’ Market. Once you’ve tried these flavor-packed and locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, nothing else can [...]
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July 28, 2017New at The Campus

New at The Campus

We’re happy to welcome two new neighbors to The Campus, Blue Bottle Coffee and Tocaya Organica. Coffee lovers know that Blue Bottle Coffee offers some of the best drinks around. Founded on a [...]
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