February 14, 2017High demand for Jewel

High demand for Jewel

The latest residential project in Playa Vista, Jewel, is opening amidst high demand from the creative and tech market. See why Globe St. thinks this new collection of luxury properties is appealing [...]
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February 14, 2017Bloomberg News talks expansion in Playa Vista

Bloomberg News talks expansion in Playa Vista

Part of Playa Vista’s allure is the history behind the land, which has drawn tech giants such as Google and Facebook to relocate their L.A. offices. See why Bloomberg News thinks Playa Vista will [...]
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February 10, 2017urbanize.la

Urbanize.LA loves Jewel Playa Vista

Luxury finishes, private elevators and outdoor dining areas are just a few reasons Urbanize.LA loves Jewel Playa Vista. See what it had to say about our newest collection of luxury residences, [...]
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February 4, 2017LA Times home of the week

L.A. Times “Home of the Week”

Jewel Playa Vista graces the Los Angeles Times as its “Home of the Week.” Read why these luxury three-story homes are tailored for work and play in Silicon Beach. Join our Interest List for [...]
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February 3, 2017Rise of Silicon Beach

Rise of Silicon Beach

“Playa Vista is where everybody’s going once they acquire scale.” This month’s feature in Los Angeles Magazine highlights the shifting tech culture and what it means for L.A. With industry [...]
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February 3, 2017L.A.' tech sector

LA Magazine talks about L.A.’s tech sector

Los Angeles Magazine is talking about the changing landscape of Silicon Beach and why tech giants are moving south to Playa Vista. Read all about it! Join our Interest List for news and updates [...]
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