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Before Playa Vista, some species hadn’t been in the Ballona region for decades. The wetlands system improves water quality by cleansing storm water runoff before it enters the Santa Monica Bay. Approximately 60 acres of the Westchester Bluffs were restored as natural habitat for native coastal sage, which adds to the stability and native integrity of the land.

Today, the 10,300 sq. ft. riparian corridor includes some 3,000 native plants. The revitalized marsh includes open water, marsh, willow scrub, woodland and mixed riparian habitats for over 180 species of birds and thousands of native trees, shrubs and grasses. Catch a glimpse of local wildlife from the trail along the Ballona Freshwater Marsh or let the path along the riparian corridor lead you to new discoveries rarely found in the city. All just friendly reminders of the commitment to the environment Playa Vista brings to the Westside.