March 29, 2018Silicon Beach – Where Luxury Lives.

Silicon Beach – Where Luxury Lives.

Redefining luxury in Silicon Beach, the new homes at The Collection and Jewel are where you’ll find unparalleled sophistication. Spacious, open and airy designs boasting elevated amenities provide [...]
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March 29, 2018April Around Playa Vista

April Around Playa Vista

Spring is here and summer’s right around the corner, so there’s plenty to do in Playa Vista and even more on the way. Check out the upcoming events and programs below. Playa Vista [...]
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March 29, 2018A Saturday Favorite

A Saturday Favorite

For the best in locally made goods, stop by the Playa Vista Farmers’ Market at Runway. It’s happening this Saturday from 9am to 2pm. This is the go-to place for uncovering unique finds from [...]
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March 29, 2018Sustainability Begins Here

Sustainability Begins Here

One of the most innovative urban infill developments in the country, Playa Vista has always made sustainability a top priority. From public art and icons to community walkability and water [...]
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March 29, 2018Easy Rider

Easy Rider

Catching your next ride is as easy as taking a seat. Step up, sit back and enjoy the ride on the free Playa Vista Daily and Beach Shuttles routes. You can go all over Playa Vista and visit select [...]
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March 23, 2018Playa Vista Area – Local News + Updates

Playa Vista Area – Local News + Updates

We’re always looking to keep the Playa Vista community informed with news and updates from the local area. Below you’ll find information regarding the CalTrans SR-1/Lincoln Blvd. [...]
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