June 24, 2020Playa Vista bikes and dog walking

Say Hello to Summer on the Westside

This summer is bringing us new ways to explore and experience our community and beyond. While some of our favorite outdoor places and activities are starting to resume, there’s also plenty of other [...]
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May 17, 2020Online food ordering and delivery playa vista

Keeping it Local

Supporting our local businesses comes easy when they’re all stepping up with creative ways to serve the community during this unprecedented time. Check out some amazing take-out and delivery [...]
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April 29, 2020Overhead view of Playa Vista, CA

Urbanize LA: On Playa Vista

Straight from Urbanize LA to our ears. "Playa Vista has become a choice address for businesses, technology, media and entertainment and, along with Santa Monica and Venice, has become known as [...]
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March 31, 2020View of Playa Vista CA

In This Together

We love our Playa Vista community and the support we’ve seen from fellow neighbors during this unprecedented time. Please continue being kind to each other, pay it forward and remember that [...]
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February 26, 2020Walking retail in Playa Vista

It’s Happening in March

Community Events All planned events have been canceled until further notice for the safety and well-being of our [...]
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February 26, 2020View of Playa Vista from the west

Playa Vista FOMO

You've probably heard of FOMO (fear of missing out) and it's something most can relate to, especially when it comes to real estate. And new homes in Playa Vista take it to an entirely new [...]
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