Parks in Playa Vista

February 28, 2018#29Backyards


At Playa Vista, we know parks. From pick-up games to dog-friendly spaces, our #29Backyards have it all. No matter where you turn, it’s just a short 2- to 5-minute walk to one of the 29 parks, new [...]
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September 8, 2016DIGS Magazine Gives Nod to Playa Vista

DIGS Magazine Gives Nod To Playa Vista

DIGS Magazine loves green living and gave a nod to Playa Vista in their recent story. "At Playa Vista, Brookfield Residential offers innovative amenities that expand the ability to grow veggies to [...]
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September 6, 2016Beyond Any Yard

Beyond Any Yard

There are plenty of reasons to get out and about in Playa Vista with our 27 urban parks – all uniquely designed with beautiful landscaping and lush green spaces that invite you to walk, run or just [...]
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