February 25, 2017Real Estate Boom in Silicon Beach

Real Estate Boom in Silicon Beach

Mansion Global discusses the increasing real estate market in West Los Angeles thanks to Silicon Beach. See why homeowners that can live anywhere are choosing Playa Vista as their new home base. Read [...]
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December 20, 2016Snapchat and Playa Vista

Snapchat and Playa Vista

The Hollywood Reporter thinks Snapchat’s IPO will bring a new wave of tech employees to discover Playa Vista’s unique walkability and new luxury residences. Read the whole article here. Join [...]
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May 6, 2015The Campus at Playa Vista

Tech Turns from SF to LA

Looking for greener pastures and fresher stomping grounds, California’s top tech players have started a virtual stampede toward Los Angeles. Over the past several years, big names ranging from [...]
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