Urbanize LA

February 28, 2017Loving the Media Buzz

Loving the Media Buzz

Top media outlets like Bloomberg, LA Times, LA Magazine, Dow Jones and more are talking about the rise of Playa Vista and Silicon Beach and we’re loving the buzz. Don’t miss your opportunity to [...]
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February 10, 2017urbanize.la

Urbanize.LA loves Jewel Playa Vista

Luxury finishes, private elevators and outdoor dining areas are just a few reasons Urbanize.LA loves Jewel Playa Vista. See what it had to say about our newest collection of luxury residences, [...]
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June 1, 2016Playa Vista in the News

Playa Vista in the News

Innovations in technology, media and other creative fields are born here, and we’re no strangers to the spotlight. Take a look at what Bloomberg and Urbanize.LA are saying about Silicon [...]
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