Google in Silicon Beach

November 8, 2018LA Times:Google in Playa Vista

LA Times:Google in Playa Vista

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai and The Spruce Goose Hangar (Credit: Annie Wells / TNS) Google employees have officially moved in [...]
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October 25, 2018In the News: Google & LMU

In the News: Google & LMU

There are more than a few things happening in and around Playa Vista, and we’re here to share all the details! You heard it here first and we still can’t contain our excitement. Google has [...]
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February 28, 2018Google Moves to Spruce Goose

HEY GOOGLE. Welcome to the Goose!

We broke the story and word is spreading. Google will officially be moving employees into the Spruce Goose hangar in Playa Vista this fall, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them to this [...]
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