May 6, 2015The Campus at Playa Vista

Tech Turns from SF to LA

Looking for greener pastures and fresher stomping grounds, California’s top tech players have started a virtual stampede toward Los Angeles. Over the past several years, big names ranging from [...]
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October 29, 2013Let’s Get Social

Let’s Get Social

Playa Vista’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages are up! If you haven’t already started liking, following or tweeting us be sure to do so. We love that our community has so much to [...]
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October 28, 2013November Coloring Time

November Coloring Time

HEY KIDS: JOIN THE FUN! ENTER & WIN!   Don’t forget to have your kids enter the November Coloring Contest for their chance to win a $20 gift card! You can print the image from PlayaLink or [...]
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October 21, 2013Playa Vista New Homes

Neighborhood Meetups Round Up

We had so much fun meeting all of our neighbors and interested home shoppers at the Playa Vista Neighborhood Meetups.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you didn’t have a chance to stop [...]
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October 7, 2013Meet the Neighborhoods

Meet the Neighborhoods

The Playa Vista Neighborhood Meetups will be the perfect place for interested homeshoppers to preview the new neighborhoods coming to the community. Stop by to see our six new home collections from [...]
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September 30, 2013The “Lower Westside”

The “Lower Westside”

Called the “lower Westside” by the media and developers, Playa Vista is located in one of the most rapidly accelerating areas in all of Southern California. The excitement of new homes, creative [...]
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