Playa Vista Shuttles

June 28, 2018The Ultimate in Beach Cruisin’

The Ultimate in Beach Cruisin’

Now this is how summers are meant to be spent! Head out to places all over Playa Vista and make your way to cool spots and happenings across the Westside—without sitting behind the wheel. All you [...]
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June 28, 2016Summertime Cruising

Summertime Cruising

With more routes that take you to the beach, all throughout Playa Vista and to select locations on the Westside, the Playa Vista Daily and Beach Shuttles make getting around town as simple as can [...]
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June 1, 2016Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Playa Vista’s summer of outdoor fun and entertainment kicks off on Sunday, June 12th! We love Concerts and Movies in the Park. Get ready to enjoy blockbuster movies and exciting concerts. Come [...]
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