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December 20, 2016Snapchat and Playa Vista

Snapchat and Playa Vista

The Hollywood Reporter thinks Snapchat’s IPO will bring a new wave of tech employees to discover Playa Vista’s unique walkability and new luxury residences. Read the whole article here. Join [...]
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April 5, 2016Playa-Vista-Campus

Making Headlines

With so much going on in Playa Vista, it’s no wonder our beachy Westside community is constantly in the news. Take a look at what the high-profile pubs are saying. The Hollywood Reporter As [...]
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March 11, 2016Hollywood Reporter “Creatives Flock to Playa Vista to Live and Work”

Hollywood Reporter “Creatives Flock to Playa Vista to Live and Work”

Developers are drafting off the tech boom with residences near Yahoo and YouTube's offices tailored to startup moguls: "The kids here don't want that crappy Cape Cod style." The tech-creative [...]
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November 2, 2014ech Startups exiting Venice Beachv2

The Hollywood Reporter – Tech Startups Moving

Omaze and Dollar Shave Club are among the Silicon Beach firms heading inland. When Omaze founders Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins began looking for [...]
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