Playa Vista Beach Shuttle

September 6, 2016On the Go

On the Go

Take the Playa Vista Daily Shuttle and Beach Shuttle to get around the community and to select destinations on the Westside. This free service makes getting around town a breeze. You can visit your [...]
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June 28, 2016Summertime Cruising

Summertime Cruising

With more routes that take you to the beach, all throughout Playa Vista and to select locations on the Westside, the Playa Vista Daily and Beach Shuttles make getting around town as simple as can [...]
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May 3, 2016Getting Around

Getting Around

It’s about to get even easier to leave your car at home. In addition to Playa Vista’s Daily Shuttle that gets you all around the community, the FREE Playa Vista Beach Shuttle is starting up again [...]
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July 30, 2015On A Roll

On A Roll

The Playa Vista shuttles make it easy to get here, there and everywhere you want to go around the community and on the Westside. Hop on the Playa Vista Beach Shuttle Fridays through Sundays and leave [...]
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July 1, 2015All Through the Westside

All Through the Westside

From here to there and even a little bit further, the Playa Vista shuttles offer free and convenient rides to your favorite places around the community and on the Westside. Hop on the Playa Vista [...]
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May 29, 2015Ride in Playa Vista Style

Ride in Playa Vista Style

The Playa Vista Beach Shuttle is back in action this summer! The community shuttle takes you to and from your favorite destinations on the Westside every Friday through Sunday. Hop on the shuttle to [...]
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